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TK50Short form of CNC lathe

CH50CTurning center

BZXL22 Wheel processing unit

DK2010Numerical control lathe

CB45Numerical control lathe

GT32Cylinder liner special lathe

Bk50-2Numerical control lathe

TC20Numerical control lathe

CK7660LCNumerical control lathe

CK518CNC vertical lathe

BXHGantry machining center

  Baoji machine tool group co., LTD. Was established in1965Years,Is China's machine tool industry's leading supplier of metal cutting equipment,Headquarters is located in baoji high-tech zone in shaanxi province, China。Total assets19One hundred million yuan,Employees3500People,Professional and technical personnel600More than。Enterprise produces machine tools20000Taiwan,Income30One hundred million yuan,Exports2200Thousands of dollars... To check the details>>>

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